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Sales Training Programs

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100% of Reality Sales Training partners experience sales growth and ROI.

Leadership Sales Revolution I

  • 2 two day on-sight group training and individual work
  • 1 hour group web class every two weeks (total 24) (max 20 participants)
  • One-on-one training per month with salespeople (max 12) in program
  • Unlimited access by management
  • Interview and assess all new hires
  • 24 month commitment
  • Investment: $39,995 per year + travel expenses for on-sight travel

Real World Example: National Wholesale Clients Year Over Year Sales Growth 87.4%

Leadership Sales Revolution I with field work

  • 4 two day live visits per quarter for one-on-one field work
  • ½-1 hour one-one-one training per month with salespeople in program
  • Unlimited access by management
  • Written report on each salesperson every 90 days
  • 24 month commitment
  • Investment: $49,995 K per year + travel expenses for on-sight travel

Real World Example: Regional Wholesale Clients Year Over Year Sales Growth 133%

Leadership Sales Web Revolution I

  • 1 hour group live interactive web class every two weeks (total 24) (max 20 participants)
  • Unlimited access by management
  • Interview and assess all new hires
  • 24 month commitment
  • Investment: $24,995 per year

Real World Example: National Health Care Clients Year Over Year Sales Growth 30%

Leadership Sales Revolution I Live (within 30 miles of Portland, Oregon)

  • 36 live on-site classes (max 100)
  • One day per month for individual work (max 12)
  • Unlimited access by management
  • Interview and asses all new hires
  • 24 month commitment
  • Investment: $39,995 per year

Leadership Sales Revolution I for Advanced Sellers

  • 12 1 hour live interactive group classes per year
  • ½-1 hour individual work per month with 10-12 salespeople.
  • Interview all potential hires. Assess and recommend.
  • Unlimited access by Management.
  • 12 month commitment
  • Curriculum for Advance Sellers includes but not limited to: (Click to open)
  • Account Management
  • Supplier Management, if applicable
  • Leverage. Time/resource management and maximization.
  • Product line development– Inside promotion. Promotional buying and promoting
  • Selling Volume
  • Program Selling
  • Program Buying
  • Market position – Becoming the dominant salesperson in your market.
  • Leadership, if applicable
  • Master level sales techniques
  • Investment $36,000


Goals of Leadership Sales Revolution Advanced Trading:

  • Become dominate salesperson in your market
  • 25% program business
  • More consistent volume
  • Less volatility vis-à-vis market moves
  • More impact/radiation on inside team


Leadership Sales Introduction to Sales

  • 9 live one hour web classes delivered over 3-4 weeks
  • Written assignments for participant(s)
  • Max 5 participants
  • Unlimited access by President
  • Investment: $6,995

Participants of Leadership Sales Introduction will learn:

  • How to run a professional prospect call.
  • How to lead a customer through needs analysis to closing.
  • How to ask for the order and close.
  • How to organize Outlook for sales within the company.


Goals of all Leadership Sales Programs

  • Increase gross profit of total sales for salespeople in program by 20% – 40% over twelve to twenty four months.
  • Reduce time to profitability for new salespeople.
  • Create camaraderie amongst salespeople. Team building through shared experience.

The Positives of All Reality Sales Training Programs

1. Constancy. Reality Sales Training believes you cannot learn football, basketball, piano, a martial art or become a master seller without constancy. If we are to change adults, we must be constant in our approach. Seminars are nice, but ongoing training is what brings the results our clients demand!

2. Input. Reality Sales Training has a strong opinion about sales and the sales process, but we communicate with our clients to make sure we are on the exact same page in terms of the direction of the training vis-à-vis the group and the individuals in the group. All of this is discussed on a regular basis.

3. Battle tested. Every idea, philosophy and sales technique taught and practiced in Reality Sales Training has been tested in the field of (sales) battle across many industries.

4. Thorough approach. Reality Sales Training builds the entire entrepreneurial salesperson. The three silos of learning for the master seller are Technical sales skills – all the words, phrases and turns of phrases needed by the master seller. Most sellers do not know how to construct sales conversations to make sure they are yes/no – read Closing-situations. Reality Sales Training’s students study, and practice, in depth, the sales conversations they will face every day and learn how to win these conversations! Emotional sales skills – How do we relate to our fellow man? What are the four basic personality types and how do we relate to them? What is our personality type and how can we calibrate it to others to sell more? What is likeability and can we learn it? Internal sales skills – What self-limiting thoughts do we have? How great do we think we can be? We attack internal skills through values, focus, time management and goal setting exercises.

5. Adult Education. Reality Sales Training has been educating (changing) adults for twenty years. Adults need to be challenged. Adults need to participate. Our students are challenged through participation. Reality Sales Training will hold the interest, challenge and ultimately help make your salespeople stronger, profitable and entrepreneurial sellers.

6. Experience. My brother says, “I thought experience was BS till I got some.” I have been selling for 50 years and working with salespeople for 25. I will tell you the easy and difficult truths. We will discuss and strategize over every piece of the sales puzzle. Because I have had the opportunity to work with professionals in all facets of the lumber industry and many other industries, I bring fresh perspective based on cross-pollinization of sales experiences.


Sales. Achieving Greatness. Competition and Competing. Inspiration.  Culture Change.  Selling with Social Media.