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Finding the Right Salesperson for Your Company

Sales Search
Reality Sales Training has been working with, interviewing, hiring, and training salespeople for over twenty-five years. Reality Sales Training knows what it takes to be successful in sales. We know the kind of sales people you need to grow your company’s sales and we know how to find them!

Based on customer demand, we now offer our Sales Search program.

What we do

  1. We listen to you. Hiring to your specific culture is key. We listen and find out the kind of salesperson you are trying to hire. Are you looking for a technical seller, a one-shot seller, a relationship builder or a little of all three? Once we have an understanding of the kind of seller you are looking for we write your ad(s).
  2. We write your ad (s). We will write an ad or a series of ads to attract the kind of salesperson you need. You will have final approval of all text.
  3. We place your ad(s). We will place the ads where they will generate the highest number of qualified prospects for your position.
  4. We manage your ads and the relationship with the advertisers. If ads need to be updated, cancelled or changed in any way we will handle those steps for you.
  5. We interview, screen and recommend prospects. We will only recommend applicants that we feel will help grow your business.

What we don’t do

We will not talk to any salesperson that is currently or has ever worked for an existing customer without our customer’s written permission. No Exceptions.


$5,000 startup fee: includes up to three months service. $2,000 for each additional month, $5,000 for each applicant you choose to hire.

Advertising and travel expenses, if necessary are for the clients account.