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Just want to thank you first of all for venturing out on the streets of S.F. with me.  I’m convinced now that you are as fearless as you say.

Seriously, it was a good experience.  You demonstrated at least two things to me:

  1. Work outside my comfort zone and be DIRECT sometimes… I was surprised at the positive result.  (When you pointed out the “lying” I first wanted to dive under my chair but it worked)
  2. The power of PROMOTING and taking the lead.  Be ahead of the game…don’t wait for their menu.  Even if they don’t use my idea, I can make myself part of the process.

It is unnerving to work outside of the classroom with someone but it really was helpful to see the real deal in action.    This program reminds me of that cable show Overhaulin’ where they totally remake classic cars with high performance parts.

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