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Sex Doesn’t Sell, Confidence Does


Sex Doesn’t Sell, Confidence Does



196 pages and 55 unique article chapters.

“I titled the article and the book, Sex Doesn’t Sell, Confidence Does, because I believe that confidence is the grand differentiator in life. Humans, including our customers, are magnetically attracted to confident people; they can’t help it!  The opposite is also true; they will run from lack of confidence. Master sellers have different strengths but what they have in common is confidence.”
– James

Sex Doesn’t Sell covers six areas of lifetime study for the master sales person:

  • Technical sales skills
  • Emotional sales skills
  • Internal sales skills
  • Product knowledge
  • Hard Work
  • Social media

Sex Doesn’t Sell will be fun to read and will cover the sales challenges you face every day. They are inspired by the sales lives of James, his students, and his clients.